Mentorship & Training

   Fit Fab offers services in coaching, mentoring, and fitness training. We want to help uplift the community working with the people giving different options to help create a healthy future for both young and old. 
   Our character development program was created to teach the youth the importance of having respect for each other and themselves. The program includes 10 lesson plans with outdoor activities encouraging teamwork and brainstorming. Each lesson has a visual hands-on learning style to keep the youth intrigued and entertained, all while learning important life lessons they can carry with them well beyond their school years. 
Our Mentorship program is very unique and personal. The candidate will be with the mentor for 1 day a week for about an hour or two. Each week there will be a new activity including workout techniques, sports (Basketball, Football, Soccer, etc.), museum visits, community work (Clothes donations, homeless shelter visits, animal shelter visits, etc.) And more. 
   Our fitness program is designed to help people in need of assistance in the gym or in-home atmosphere to begin or further their fitness journey. Our program includes one on one training, nutrition education, and meal planning. Our program will be geared towards your specific needs whether it be losing weight, gaining, or maintaining we can develop a plan uniquely for you.
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